How to grow your business with Facebook ?

How to grow your business with Facebook ?

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Facebook Marketing Company,  we can even say social media is used by 2.46 billion people all around the world which is used for individual purpose. In this modern time, teens are devoting more than one-third of their day using social media such as online music, video, Instagram and many more-almost  nine hours according to new consideration by family technology education non- profit group, Common Sense Media. As for twins, the children between 8-12 years of age, use social media for nearly 6 hours per day. This is the dark side of social media. The thing which has a dark side also has a bright side, this goes with social media. Many businesses have succeed with the help of the social media.the benefits of promoting your business with the help of social media are:-

  1. Increase brand awareness.

In this time, nearly half of the world’s population using social media, there is a high chance of new and  immensely  targeted potential customers.

Do you reckon that people only associate with the already famous brands?  Then you must know that over 60% of Instagram users say that they discover new products on that platform. When Absolute Vodka launched an Instagram campaign to publicize the limited edition Spark Bottle, it achieved a 5 point lift in brand awareness.

  1. Humanize your brand

A study from UK’s Trinity Mirror Solutions proved that more than half of adult population doesn’t believe in the online brand until they see that the brand is keeping its promises. To connect with customers and future customers, you first, must show them the human like features of your brand. Keep your promises, make your product work, embrace your brand values, look for the interest of your customers and your employees as well.Facebook Marketing Company

  1. Establish your brand as a leader would establish an idea

No matter in which industry your business falls in, social media provides you the opportunity to establish your brand as leader establishes her/his idea. Brand leadership is a remarkable way to build customer trust. A research proves that dealers underestimate how much leadership could influence customer’s trust. The 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer proves that 63% of people trust technological expert whereas only  37% of people actually trust businesses.

  1. Increase your website’s traffic

Publishing advertisements  and social media posts are the key factors to get traffic to your website. Posting useful content by your blogs or website is also a way to attract readers as soon as you publish your content. Taking parts in chats on social media is a prominent way to get attention, attract new people, show people your excellence, expertise and knowledge in that particular field. When you take part in such chats, there is one rule you must remember, you must offer people great deals and while doing this, do not, get too promotional Facebook Marketing Company

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