How to sell your product online?

How to sell your product online?

Have a product which is not in use anymore, want to sell it; but not to a nearby shop. The best option is to How to sell product online . This can be done by the help of many online selling sites. These sites provide a platform to you and your product. Before you start selling your product online, you should first :-

How to sell product online

  • Work out the cost that is involved in selling online. This must include the shipping cost, packaging cost, payment gateway cost, storage cost and the marketing cost.
  • Find out that is it feasible to sell that thing online. You must keep a margin for your profit.
  • Create an automated catalogue of your product. The picture of the product from all the angles is a must.
  • Set up end to end process. The way all the big companies manage, we too must be organised from the first day itself. Organise the complete event before you start working on it.
  • Use suitable inventory software. In this field, you’ll be dealing with a lot of inventory daily, so it would be extremely tiring to handle all this manually. For handling all this you’d be needing a proper software and it will help avoid many errors which may occur when all the record would be maintained manually.
  • Be discoverable online. The purchasers are more likely to buy form the businesses if there are product reviews and other useful information, if it not available, they might drop they idea. So it is important to have a company existence, social media account or any other channel.How to sell product online

You can even sell online using:-

  1. eCommerce Marketplaces

This is perhaps the easiest option available. The process of selling the merchandise on these marketplace is very easy any you can start you business within a week.

You have the options of Amazon, PayTm,  Shopclues, Flipkart etc.

Process involved- All you need to do is visit the seller- registration pages and acknowledge the                     details. You always need to have the VAT registration number, Bank details and PAN number close by. You may need address proof too, it is better to keep that too. The scanned copies of these documents can also be uploaded and the verification is usually completed in couple of days.

Advantages-  By this method, not only loads of marketing cost is saved but all these marketplaces attract a lot of customers which have a loyal base. You need not worry about  the shipping and payment gateway. Moreover many of these portals  will provide you with the packing materials as well.

Disadvantages- the marketplaces charge very high commission on every product which is sold. For some specific items it could even go up to 15%-20%. Let’s keep this aside, you have very little on how your product is displayed on the site.

Now it is clear that selling on eCommerce marketplaces is an easy-breezy and a straight-forward task. It even takes less time and saves your marketing costs too.

  1. How to sell product online shopping cart

This can be divided into 2 more parts, you could either:-

  • Develop your very own eCommerce website and anchor it on your own server.
  • Create a web store using online store designer.

We will consider  the second option as it is somewhat easy and money saving.

You will have the options of – Zepo, KartRocket, Build a bazaar etc.

Process involved- This is quite easy, all you need to do is enrol in one of these sites and upload your product archive. You can even associate  your own payment gateway.

Advantages-  The interaction is easy and no technical knowledge is required.

Disadvantages- you have to invest a great deal of money for the marketing of your site. It will take time for the purchasers to develop trust in your site as they hesitate from buying products from a new site.

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Now you know the pro’s and con’s of both the ways so pick your way and start your very own selling business.

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