What is digital marketing

The first ever question which arises in our mind when we read the word ‘marketing’ is what id the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing.Well, here’s the answer digital marketing mainly focuses on internet , social media sites and other sources. Traditional marketing mainly use print media like brochures, magazines, newsletters etc.
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Digital Marketing

SEO – Search Engine Optimization commonly referred as SEO plays an important role in promoting your business online. Every user has confidence in search engine and the topmost websites present over there. SEO helps a website increase it’s rank at the given search engine for a given keyword. It is extremely advantageous for the social promotion of the site

SMO– Social Media Optimization means using many social media outlets to generate public awareness about a service, event or brand. The social media included in this are RSS feeds, social news and bookmarking sites besides this it also includes social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogging sites. Just like SEO, the goal of SMO is to create web traffic and boost the experience of the website.

SEM– Search Engine Marketing is a type of internet marketing that includes the promotion of websites by increasing their perceptibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) temporarily by paid advertising. SEM may include SEO which alters or edits website content and site design in order to achieve a higher rank in search engine results. It contains both, paid results and organic results. Like SEO, SMO too needs to be monitored and updated frequently in order to reflect evolution practices. In some cases, the term SEM is solely used to indicate pay per click advertising.

SMM– Social Media Marketing is the practise of using social media for the promotion of a product or service. It is a branch of internet marketing which utilizes the advantages of social networking sites as a toll of advertising websites, increasing the traffic toward the site and learning from the users’ direct reactions. It works on the basic principle of organic search which meanswhen the website or the social network page connected to it is more active, the website’s rank on the search engine rises which means it would be seen in first few results.

Email marketing– Email Marketing is the method of delivering a commercial message to a group of people through E-mail. In ti’s extensive sense, every mail sent to a potential or current client,could be considered as email marketing. It mostly uses E-mail to send advertisements, business requests and many more things. It is also meant to develop loyalty, trust or band awareness.

Traditional Marketing :

Traditional marketing deals with any type of promotion,advertising or campaign which has been used for many years and by many companies which has enhanced the success rate. Means of traditional marketing can include billboard, printed advertisements, television, radio etc.